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Open-source, free software. Highly reputable, well-known founder. Good idea to onboard new users to HEX in a gamified way but pretty complex UX. The PHL team advises users to use the official frontend instead to reduce middlemen.



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About TShare App

The TShare App Products by Mati Allin & FutureUs is a suite of 3 HEX front-ends appealing to different user bases and includes, and For users who are new to HEX: (without "go." in the url) is an onboarding tool (web-based, not in app store) that simplifies certain onboarding steps—from correct MetaMask installation to buying and staking HEX all within MetaMask. Once connected with MetaMask, users play a 15-second game where they drop a claw to pick up one of three stuffed hearts - small, medium and large (corresponding to 5, 10 and 15 year stakes). Next, users buy ETH via MetaMask's country-specific detection for fiat on-ramp and our intuitive user interface (Apple Pay is an option). (Uniswap) is integrated for swapping to HEX and the user is prompted to save some ETH for gas fees to stake. Finally, the 5, 10 or 15 year stake of 500 HEX or less can be executed via MetaMask approval. Users can skip the game by going to, which allows you to stake any amount of HEX for any duration. For intermediate to advanced users: is an open-source front-end for HEX staking which doesn't charge a fee and gives users more information about the value of their stakes than any other staking site/app. It requires you to connect via MetaMask as read-only, without asking for token approvals. offers several innovations over It is formatted better for MetaMask's mobile browser as well as other mobile browsers. The site automatically links to a device-specific MetaMask download (official) if no previous installation is detected. Once a single account is connected, it can be used to view non-connected accounts by adding addresses via URL:…, where … is the rest of the Ethereum account public address that you want to see. You can add multiple accounts using &account=0x... For example: For max length stakers: only allows staking for 5555 days and rewards you with one badge for each max length stake in your wallet (regardless of whether it was started on this front-end).





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