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The Sacrifice Phase

There was a Sacrifice Phase for the Freedom to Invest - the freedom to inform, rate, analyze and share value. It lasted for 30 days, starting June 17th 0:00 UTC and ending July 16th 23:59 UTC. Since Sacrificers are a beautiful set of people to airdrop something to, they might receive a part of 100,000 PHL in proportion to their Sac Points. Please note that said airdrop is not guaranteed!

About $PHL

PulseHotList becomes a token on the PulseChain (PRC20). PHL has a fixed supply of 1,000,000 units with no inflation ever. PHL is deflationary, nobody can ever mint new units. The only way to get PHL is to 1) Sacrifice for it or 2) buy PHL after mainnet launch on PulseX (possibly at a far worse rate). No admin keys, time-locks, fees, or taxes. PHL can't be censored, is immutable and consists of only 9 lines of code.

First of all, note that PulseHotList will always stay 100% free for users. We also will never have a listing fee. Other ranking sites are worth hundreds of millions of USD. PulseHotList is the one and only ranking site for the whole PulseChain ecosystem.


- Project owners wanting to make their project pages prettier
- Project owners wanting to get reviewed in the PHL Newsletter
- Project owners wanting to rent featured spots to drive more traffic to their project pages

Disclaimer: You can never expect profit from the work of others. Nothing written on this page is any kind of guarantee or financial advice. Do your own research. You do not sacrifice to get PHL but rather to make a political statement that you support the Freedom to Invest. Do not expect to get anything in return!

Driving the PHL price up

The featured spots & newsletter reviews always go to the highest bidder.
- Half of all payments go directly towards buying & burning PHL to actively increase its price.
- The other half goes towards an address you may have no expectations of. Whoever owns it might use the funds for marketing to drive more users to PulseHotList, to fund future development of new features, or other beneficial expenses. This would increase the value of PHL passively.

Project owners have to pay in stablecoins to allow for the first 50% to drive the price of PHL up & the second 50% to not create any sell pressure on PHL.


If a project owner bids $25k to rent a monthly time slot on a featured spot & another $10k to get reviewed in the PHL Newsletter.
- 50% of that ($17,500) would get used to buy & burn PHL.
- The other $17,500 get send to the no-expectations-address.

The amount of money that project owners are willing to bid for this depends on the size of PulseHotList's user base. The more PulseHotList users, then the more project owners are willing to spend with us to promote their project: the faster the PHL token price increases.

If that no-expectations-address allocates some funds to marketing, it could drive significant new users to PulseHotList, increasing the user base & increasing the amount of money project owners would be willing to spend to promote their projects. It's a positive feedback loop.


PHL might be tradeable on PulseX, and some entity might provide enough liquidity to ensure that retail traders can trade without suffering from high slippage. The liquidity might be provided against a stablecoin like eUSDC or USDL to ensure that PHL doesn't dip when other cryptocurrencies do ("Heart's Law").

Even more cool stuff

The token contract might have a vanity PulseChain address (0x1000000369...) to make it immediately identifiable. A mobile app might get released to serve as a watch-only wallet with charts, price widgets, etc. More and more exchanges & coin ranking sites might support PHL over time which would allow users to choose between a variety of fiat onramps.