Statement from the founder KG about the price chart: "You have to zoom in. I made a small mistake adding liquidity early on. I adjusted the pool and then it dropped the price."

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Internet Money

WalletNative PulseChain wallet. Earn passive income in PLS/ETH/BNB






Well-known, doxxed founder. Core team known by names, devs unknown. IM token already works. No code / working beta / audit of wallet software.



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About Internet Money

The Internet Money Ecosystem is dynamic and focuses its efforts towards onboarding new users into crypto, through PulseChain. The primary tool in our arsenal is the native PulseChain wallet we are building. The Internet Money Wallet aims to be the easiest onboarding experience for new crypto users. We will accomplish this by providing users an intuitive UI (user interface) and approachable branding that helps bridge the gap from legacy finance, to crypto. Additionally, all users who download our app will be able to claim free PLS and free Internet Money (IM). What about advanced crypto users? We will have features that even the most advanced crypto user will appreciate. The Internet Money Wallet will be an IOS app, Android app and Chrome Browser Extension. This is a two token ecosystem, Internet Money (IM) and Internet Money Dividend (IMD). IM is a peer to peer digital cash. No admin keys, no taxes, no reflections and is deflationary. IM was launched on BSC on 11/29/2021. Holders of IM on BSC will get a 1:1 copy when IM launches on PulseChain. IM also exists on PulseChain testnet. IMD is the first token of its kind. The Internet Money Wallet will generate fees when swaps from one token to another are performed within the wallet (like other crypto wallets). Unlike other crypto wallets, these fees will be distributed back to the holders of the IMD token! Example: If you hold IMD on PulseChain, you will receive fees that are generated on PulseChain within the wallet. The coolest part? These fees are generated in the blockchains native coin. Holding IMD on PulseChain = Passive income in the form of PLS. Staking, delegating or locking up your IMD is NOT required to earn your passive income. Simply, hold IMD in a wallet you own the private keys to. Crypto Currency was created to be a decentralized way to interact with money. We aim to take continual steps towards the decentralization of every facet of the Internet Money ecosystem; because we believe this is the way money should be: No centralized entities. No controlling forces. Power, in the hands of the people.





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