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TokenHyper-Yield, A.I.-driven Blockchain CD






No audit/code/beta available. Founder uses real name but not KYCed with public company. AI part questionable. The PHL team advises users to use HEX as a SoV / CD instead.



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About Genius

Genius is like a banking Certificate of Deposit, except it is on the blockchain, in the full control of the end user, and artificial intelligence (A.I.) influences its reward structure. Genius is, furthermore, immune to human corruption and biased bureaucracy. Genius is the first hyper-yield A.I. blockchain Certificate of Deposit that aspires to appreciate. Genius will be used by end users to generate passive income. Functionally, and "under the hood" of the software engine, Genius is an Ethereum- and PulseChain-based smart contract that is immutable, which means that the code cannot be changed. Genius has no admin key, meaning that it cannot be exploited by any human or privileged access. Furthermore, it has no "developer coins" and the users cannot be "rug pulled". These are marketing-specific industry terms that mean value cannot be stolen from end users of the Genius Smart Financial Contract. Genius is designed to enforce a positive, healthy, and democratic financial market by defending its value from typical negative market activities. This is done by incentivizing users to "lock away" their value for a length of time promised by the end user. For users who change their mind about their promises, or neglect to attend to their promises, their wealth is redistributed to the smart contract's good actors over time until they re-engage their commitment. An A.I. layer continuously monitors the end users' actions and reevaluates incentives for the benefit of end users who keep their promises. With Genius, your time (attention) and your intentions (promises) are reflected as value. In other words, Genius's internal artificial intelligence constantly considers the end users' actions, evaluates the likeliness that a user will break their promise(s), and adjusts the reward incentives to entice users to stick to their original promises. In layman's terms: Genius is also designed to protect its users from the effects of market manipulation, negative market conditions, and human greed and impatience. Utility. Genius can be used to store value (save) and generate passive income over a period of time. This is done by "Genius Mining". Similar to Bitcoin Mining, the new Genius tokens are only paid out to those who are mining for Genius. With Bitcoin Mining, you need to purchase expensive mining equipment, use lots of electricity, and trust a mining pool. With Genius Mining, all you need is the Genius Token and to create a dedicated pledge (promise) to generate passive income. Unlike with Bitcoin Mining, Genius Mining has no need for expensive equipment and useless computations that ultimately burn through electricity. White paper: Genius is in development and is estimated to be released late summer 2022




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