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High inflation. Website claims "HEX on pulse will not give 10,000% returns because HEX has already appreciated so much". Also claims that "we love HEX and love @RichardHeart win" but launches a direct competitor to HEX, stealing mind & market share instead of improving HEX. HEX OA could dump 1% of supply. No audit. The PHL Team advises users to use HEX as a SoV instead.



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About DAXE

Everything you need to know about DAXE! What: DAXE is the first multi-chain Certificate of Deposit (CD) Past: DAXE has launched successfully on 3 chains in 3 months: BSC, Avalanche & Polygon Future: Next launch will be on PulseChain. Fantom, Solana, Chronos, ADA are possible. Launch: Launch price is around $5,000 / 200 billion = $0.000000025 Pairings: DAXE is paired with stablecoins like USDT & USDC to avoid correlation with other crypto-currencies. Stake: Can stake from 3 to 5555 days, securely, using the official website, even using Trezor and Ledger cold wallets. 2 Interests: Earn base interest of 20% APR plus long-term, exponentially increasing interest which compounds DAILY. Hi Interest: Up to 6,462% interest, guaranteed by smart contract for stakes on Polygon lasting 5555 days. Airdrop: Stakers on current chains are rewarded with Airdrops of DAXE on the new chain. Pre-Sale: Long-term stakers are eligible to buy DAXE on the next chain at a FIXED-PRICE prior to launch. Liquidity: Liquidity is locked for 5555 days and is initially limited to in order to reward investors with fast price rises. Early End: End stake before halfway: receive 17.5% of the total. 50-100% duration served pays 50-100% of total accrued. Penalties: Stakers are rewarded with 97% of early end stake penalties from others. The other 3% is BURNED. Late End: No penalties for late end stake; perfect for delaying tax liability. Quantity: Initially 3 trillion on each chain = 2.726T in OA + 60B Airdropped + 134B Pre-Sale + 66B Public Launch No Keys: There are no Admin Keys & no back doors! Code is immutable. No Fees: ZERO FEES from DAXE. Blockchains chosen partly for their LOW Gas fees. Doxed: The team is doxed and visible on YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Telegram, Reddit. OA: Origin Address holds a controlling interest (>50%), currently 96%, not staked, never sells. 6 Ways: 6 ways to gain! Base Interest. Long-Term Interest. Free Airdrops. Price rises. Share of penalties. Pre-Sale.




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