Accelerate your investment strategy

PulseHotList is a powerful analytics and research platform that allows users to discover new investment opportunities & evaluate projects of the PulseChain ecosystem by providing in-depth analysis of use cases, reputation and founders.

Independent, unbiased & highly qualified

PulseHotList was founded by two well-known community members who have been with HEX & PulseChain since their early days: Viktor & Felix. We believe in Richard Heart's products and want to promote the ecosystem that is being created around them. So we created PulseHotList as a free and easy-to-use analytics tool.

We strongly believe in censorship resistance. That's why we created an objective way to rank projects called the PHL SCORE. This allows us to evaluate projects with standardized and unbiased criteria. We will never allow anybody to pay in order to get PHL to publish incorrect or biased information. Project owners can pay to rent featured spots or to get honestly reviewed in the PHL Newsletter, but cannot pay for preferential treatment with regard to an improved PHL SCORE or glossing over project risks. We don't need the money, and the integrity of PHL cannot be bought.


- More informational material, videos, etc. to allow PulseHotList users to learn about how to assess potential PulseChain related investments themselves
- Provide even more detailed pricing data with daily top gainers/losers (after mainnet launch when most project tokens actually can be traded).
- Analyze potential future market developments with a bull & bear case for every project.
- Enlist a mascot
- Add a comment section on every project page to allow users to share their experiences with projects
- Create a native mobile app to check prices and track your portfolio on the go


Our goal is to make the crypto space around PulseChain as transparent as possible by providing real-time, high-quality and reliable information to both retail and institutional investors. We want to

1. Warn potential investors of any obvious scams to help ensure they only invest in projects with good intentions.
2. Become the go-to information site, PulseX frontend and fiat on-ramp for PulseChain users.
3. Become the go-to advertising platform for PulseChain project owners.

PHL is not affiliated, authorized, endorsed by, or in any way officially connected with Richard Heart or any of his brands. We will never knowingly publish incorrect information about any project.